Ian Kerr is an Emmy winning DOP. His work is keenly stylized and his assistants are routinely exhausted. 


Ian tells stories through spectacular images, his work straddling the gulf between fiction and non-fiction, documentary and drama.  His assignments range from meticulously executed national commercials to dynamic, sixteen-camera unscripted projects and month-long arctic and mountaineering expeditions and studio dramatic projects.

Ian's projects have taken him from the jungles of New Guinea to the ice floes of Canada's Arctic to the thin air of the Argentinean Andes at 21,000 feet.  His work has been recognized by many awards including two Emmy nominations and an Emmy award for Outstanding Cinematography.

Drawing upon innovative techniques and equipment for his projects, Ian is a certified Cineflex and Steadicam operator and shoots with a wide range of cameras including Arri, Red, Phantom, Sony, Panasonic and Canon.  He works extensively with motion-control time lapse, remote head, helicopter and drone aerial and stabilized gimbal systems.

Ian holds a US 01 visa.  He is physically fit, an active mountaineer, and married father of two children.  His childhood hero was Tin Tin.

Special Skills

·      Phantom High Speed, Motion Control Time Lapse, Cineflex/ Aerial expert, Phantom UAV pilot/ camera op.

·      Experienced rock climber/ mountaineer- rigging and rope-work specialist

·      Downhill skier, canoeist, on/ off road cyclist, sea kayaker.

·      International Assignments: Arctic Canada/ US, Argentina, China, Inner Mongolia, Vietnam, Ecuador, Morocco, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nepal, Mexico, Pau Pau New Guinea, S. Korea, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Western Europe, Denali, Aconcagua

·      SCUBA certified (PADI Advanced/ Dry Suit)

·      Red Cross Wilderness First Aid, AST-1 : 2017

·      Former Adjunct Professor of Advanced Cinematography:  UBC, Simon Fraser University