The New York Times publishes Polar Bears of Hudson's Bay

Many thanks to Merit Jensen Carr and the New York Times for helping release my short film on the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba.  This is my directorial debut and I'm now working on a longer version that will also include the human population of the area. 

Directing this film was a fantastic experience although I had some tremendous fights with with my DP, editor and producer.  Next time I will try to fill those roles with someone other than myself.  My producing and life partner Carmen Kerr mediated those intracranial conflicts while suffering far too many screenings, for this and much more she has my gratitude.

The film will be making some film festival appearances and is really best viewed on a large-screen and for god's sake click on the little "HD" button in the lower right.  If you want to truly appreciate Daniel Lea's beautiful sound design work throw on some headphones as well.

Andrea Chlebak added a whole layer of beauty to the film as the colourist and many thanks to David Hollingsworth and Sam Trounce for sneaking me again into the UMedia suite,

The people who walked me into bears' world and ensured I didn't do anything too stupid are all incredible people- they include: Dennis Compayre, Kelsey Eliasson, Andrea Dillion, Amok Spence, Morris Spence and Mike Spence

The folks who hauled me around in the 4x4 and/or stood behind me with a gun so that I could concentrate on focus include the incomparable Didier Allen, Jean du Toit, Remi Allen, Caleb Ross and Frank Spence.

More very special thanks to Jeff Turner, Ed Hatton, Brian Ladoon, Tim McCauley, Genji Siraisi, Gab Shoenbach and Michael Chechik, Kathleen Lingo,  Lindsay Crouse and Andrew Blackwell

The film is dedicated to the beautiful town, people and bears of Churchill, Manitoba and I hope the film benefits all the species that live on that most amazing part of the planet.




Ian Kerr