Emmy Nomination!

Bruno incarcerated by mortise and tenon. 

Bruno incarcerated by mortise and tenon. 

EXCITING NEWS! After several weeks of wrestling with wood and tools I've finally managed to finish and mount the fence gate and Bruno can no longer harass the locals!  He's handling it well.

ALMOST AS EXCITING, the Emmy judges have seen it fit to bestow a little pat on the back for National Geographic Series I shot last year.  I received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design for Facing Putin which is pretty cool.  

Facing Putin was an episode from the National Geographic series Facing and if you'd like to see some of what was a studio exec reportedly called "the best looking interviews ever aired" see below.  Or, if you believe that TV is an opiate for the masses and have a more literary bent, then I invite you to read my good friend Charles Templeton's article here on the making of the series.

I'd like to thank Derik Murray for the opportunity to work on his creation and Shaun Lawless, Scot Proudfoot, Braden Batsford, Rod Bellamy, Joe Tuck, Nicole McKay and Directors Adrian Buitenhuis, Miro Cernetig, Steve Burgess and Michael Hamilton for all the support and good humour.  And let's not forget Simon Doucet for kicking ass.

October 5th is the big awards night and when the winner will be revealed.  I'll let you know the next morning if the hangover is due to celebrating or otherwise...

Ian Kerr